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Mountain Bike
Trails 15 - 25 miles

Navigating with Compass

6 - 12 miles

Team Swim
Get wet... Cool off


Mystery Events
Mental and team tests

5 - 15 miles

The BEAR AR will take place on Sunday, October 13, 2013, over Columbus Day weekend. 

Plan now to enter and race in the challenge called The BEAR. 

Join us for the 14th Anniversary of The BEAR Adventure Race

 For last-minute info on the race and any changes, click to see our BEAR Updates page.

Results and photos for The BEAR are online -- click here for BEAR Results.

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The BEAR first took place in 1999, is a TEAM challenge for everyone.  Enter The BEAR for a 8-10-hour time limit race -- 

or enter The BEAR CUB Sprint for the 4-5-hour adventure that includes many of the same challenges. 

Distances in the BEAR CUB Sprint are approximately half those of distances listed above for The BEAR.  Distances are shown in a range above , since the actual distances depend upon the routes you choose and changes in the event annually.

Entry into The BEAR is open to anyone. There is no qualifying requirement for entry,  though Teams should be well prepared for the challenge. All teams must compete and finish together. Teamwork, determination, and fitness are all combined to make this your most exciting achievement. In The BEAR, Two-person teams and three-person or four-person teams will strive to meet the challenges of an event that includes mountain biking on trails and the beach, non-technical climbing, backwoods orienteering, open-water paddling in kayaks or canoes, and off-road running/trekking. There are also "Mystery Tests" that will be placed at various stages along the course. The exact order of the events is not revealed until the day of the event, keeping the atmosphere mysterious. The Mystery Tests will try mental and physical abilities, as well as teamwork strengths. The Three-person / Four-person Coed Teams make up the premier division in The BEAR race. The BEAR will favor those who work together with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and camaraderie.

The BEAR Adventure Race includes a series of stages that must be completed within the race time limits to count toward a successful finish. Some Teams enter the BEAR CUB Sprint with a 5-hour time limit. Those entering The BEAR (10-hour limit) are provided with Stage Instruction sheets to begin the race, and are given the next set of instructions as they complete each stage. There is an intermediate cut-off time, after which Teams are not given the next set of instructions that would clearly cause the Team to finish after the race time limit of 10 hours. At the beginning of the races, both CUB and BEAR Teams are using the same instructions. In order to win The BEAR, a Team must complete the most stages in the shortest time and stay within the time limit. Teams may choose when to stop racing before the time limit, but could be passed in the standings by teams arriving at the Main Transition later, yet completing the next stage within the time limit.

The BEAR  takes place in the greater Jacksonville,  Florida area -- A great multisport adventure and a great celebration of achievement. Two-person and three/ four-person teams compete together to complete each segment of the course, crossing the finish line as a team. The order and distance of each leg is not revealed until the race itself and mystery tests are just that -- mysteries until teams reach them. The BEAR is a test of teamwork, camaraderie, clear thinking, willpower, and determination under pressure -- open to everyone: accomplished athletes, those serious about their fitness, and even weekend warriors. There are no pre-qualifications. Athletes of all experience and fitness levels are encouraged to participate. The minimum age requirement is 15 years old -- any Team member under 18 years old must be accompanied on the Team by at least one of his/her parents. 

Entry Fees and How to Enter:
Enter and race as a team:   Premier Division is made up of Four-person or Three-person Coed Teams. The BEAR also allows other teams of two, three, or four persons, which may be mixed genders or single-sex. In the BEAR CUB Sprint (5-hour race), teams of two persons or Solo competitors (Solos in the The BEAR CUB Sprint, 5-hour race only) may enter and race. All competitors (other than Solos in the 5-hour race) must enter as teams.  We even have special discounts for Military/Public Safety Teams. 

Online Registration is available - CLICK HERE. Or scan this QR Code for The BEAR 2013: You can also register early at any time for The BEAR now using our printable entry form. To learn more about Entry Fees, click here.   Enter by mail using the online, printable Entry Form on this site. 

Entry fees for The BEAR rise about three weeks before the race, so send in your completed entry form soon. You will find additional details and a printable entry form at our Website. Entry fee includes custom BEAR finisher shirt, race numbers in The BEAR (10-hour), post race refreshments and party for all, and awards for the top teams. Send fee and entry form to address on Entry Form

Looking for a Team? If you want to compete in The BEAR and need a Teammate or two or three, click here for Teammates

Check-in & Packet Pickup: Check-in, packet pickup, and the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting will take place (in the same location) on the morning of The BEAR Adventure RaceTeams must check-in at Registration and each Team member must complete waiver forms in advance, ready to turn in on the morning of the event in order to pick up his or her race packet on the day of the race, before the BEAR Team Pre-Race MeetingClick here for directions to the Check-in and Packet Pickup.  Team Captain (or representative) must  attend the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting held on the morning of the race. See The BEAR Updates page for times and details about Check-in, Packet Pickup, Registration and Mandatory Pre-race Meeting.

Late Registration: Teams need to register in advance of race day. The morning of the race is a very busy time.  Teams must pick up race packets in person on the morning of the race,  at the race site. Each Team member registered must present necessary  completed waiver forms.  There is a late fee for waiting until the day before the race or race-day to register or to make final payment. See The BEAR Updates page for times and details about Check-in, Packet Pickup, Late Registration and Mandatory Pre-race Meeting.

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting: will be held at the BEAR race site, on the morning of the race.  The Team Captain and all members of each team must attend the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting to receive race materials and instructions.  For directions to this meeting, click here. See The BEAR Updates page for times and details about Check-in, Packet Pickup, Late Registration and Mandatory Pre-race Meeting.

Directions to Race Site: In order to get directions to The BEAR race site, click here to go to The BEAR Updates Page.   For a map of the race site , click here to view maps.


The BEAR Rules
The BEAR requires a
mandatory safety briefing and pre-race meeting. Safety issues, events, on-course rules, mystery tests,  and other specific information will be discussed at this meeting. Team Captains or a team member-representative must attend the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting or risk disqualification of the Team. See The BEAR Updates page for times and details about Check-in, Packet Pickup, Late Registration and Mandatory Pre-race Meeting.

Teams must be familiar with and carry a copy of The BEAR Rules - (click here) and carry Mandatory Equipment as shown on The BEAR Essentials page - (click here).  Failure to have your Mandatory Equipment when requested at verification Check Points along The BEAR race course could disqualify your Team from the race -- or cause severe Team penalties. Don's let that happen to your Team -- be sure to have your BEAR Essentials.

The BEAR has a 10-hour overall time limit.  Racing will officially end 10 hours after the start on race day. The BEAR CUB Sprint (5-hour limit race) will start at the same time and should officially end five hours later on race day. In the BEAR, there is also an intermediate cut-off: Teams must actually begin the final segment and have passed its pre-determined Check Point in order to continue officially racing. Teams that have not passed the necessary cut-off Check Point on time,  or that have not finished within the time limits, will be officially scored according to the timing of the last stage completed within the time limits.

The BEAR Essentials -- Equipment
For a list of Team-supplied Mandatory Equipment and Recommended Equipment, see The BEAR Essentials. You are required to have certain items.  Some people bring ropes, tape, and even toilet paper along. You should bring and use your own life jackets. You may bring anything you feel is essential -- or potential. Again, all equipment for special tests will be provided by our crew. Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing while biking, paddling, hiking,  and running. BE PREPARED! It will be hot. There could always be a swim, or rain. We suggest that Teams bring dry changes of clothing for after the race. All Teams are responsible for knowing and bringing their own Mandatory Equipment. See The BEAR Essentials Page.

Food and Hydration:  Bring your own coolers, water bottles and fuel replacement for the Race. Hydration is extremely important, so plan to bring along plenty of fluids for your team. To provide more of a wilderness experience, Teams should expect no food stations or hydration stations on the course. After some segments you may be able to go to the transition area to get whatever you need and that you have stored at your position in the Transition Area. See The BEAR Survival Guide.

KodiakBear-JCohen.jpg (21504 bytes)

The BEAR requires all teams to bring their own equipment and supplies, as teams must be self-sufficient during the race. As noted in the BEAR Essentials page, Teams must provide their own packs, mountain bikes, helmets, canoes or kayaks, life jackets, fluids, gels, snacks, and fuel and other items needed for the race.  Teams are not allowed to accept any outside assistance without disqualification.
As adventure racers, each team must be 100% self sufficient! Teams must bring enough fluid and fuel replacement to last 10-11 hours when you check into the transition area. During the race, teams may keep their extra equipment and supplies at their space in the Transition Area.  You will be sent more details, including updates about required equipment, after your entry is received. You will also find some of this information online at our BEAR Survival Guide. No additional assistance from race organizers should be expected during the race, including extra water, foods,  or other aid, except in emergency -- and in this case a Team could be taken out of the race. Thorough planning is essential, especially because some things, such as rain, wind, or heat, can't be foreseen. Prepare your Team for any eventuality!

Spectators: We love spectators and cheering supporters!  The best place for your friends and family to view all the action is near (but NOT inside) the Main Transition Area. Only registered participants are allowed into the Transition Area, the Race HQ,  or on the race course during The BEAR.  Your friends and family are certainly welcome, but remember: Teams are not allowed any outside assistance during the Race. Don't let your friend's supportiveness be a problem for your race. Our race officials can direct them to good locations along the course, where they will be able to see your team in action., and would not interfere with the conduct of the race. Volunteering as a Race Official is another great way to see more of the workings of the race and we always welcome volunteers. Have your friends or family contact us in advance if they are interested in volunteering.

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Lodging: There are a variety of motels and hotels in the area and there are also camping facilities nearby  -- Click here for lodging info.

Photos and Race Descriptions:  Click these links to view results and some photos from The BEAR 2009, The BEAR 2008, The BEAR 2007The BEAR 2004, The BEAR 2003The BEAR 2002, The BEAR 2001 and  The BEAR 2000.

Goodies: Oh... did we mention that The BEAR has race goodies and prizes? Click here to learn more.

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