Right Whale 5K
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Right Whale Fest 5K Run & 2.5K Walk

Nov 21, 2015, Saturday -- on Jacksonville Beach, FL - 9:00am

Please join us on the shores of the right whales' only known calving area to show support for this amazing species. Celebrate the critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whales' annual return to the Southeast U.S.! With as few as 350 remaining, right whales are most threatened by entanglement in fishing gear and vessel strikes. Take part in the Beach Cleanup, enjoy the many activities of the Right Whale Festival at the SeaWalk and participate in the Right Whale 5K Run & 2.5K Walk at the Lifesaving Station (Beach Boulevard at the beach) in the afternoon.
5K Run Starts: 9:00am -- Beach Cleanup: 9 – 11 am -- Festival follows run -- Music: noon...

Click here to REGISTER ONLINE -- or print out, complete and mail the form below:


ENTRY FORM --          Right Whale Fest 5K Run & 2.5K Fun Walk

Make checks payable to and mail to:           USE A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH PARTICIPANT           RACE NO. ___________

Performance Multisports - Right Whale                                                                     (# assigned at registration/check-in)

365 Charlemagne Circle, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

PRINT NAME  ____________________________   __________________________________

                                                  First Name                                                   Last Name

AGE (on Race Day): _____    CIRCLE SEX:  F    M        T-Shirt Size: ____         CIRCLE Category:     5k Run      2.5K Walk

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Email _________________________________________________________   AMOUNT ENCLOSED: ______

ADDRESS _________________________________________________ APT. _____

CITY __________________________________ STATE ________ ZIP ___________

PHONE/EVE_______________  PHONE/DAY______________  BIRTHDATE: ___/___/___   

WAIVER: In consideration of the acceptance of my application for this entry, I, the undersigned intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself and anyone acting on my behalf, release any and all claims for damages I may have against the event organizers, Performance Multisports, the event supporters, directors, volunteers, City of Jacksonville Beach, USA Track & Field, and any sponsors and their representatives, successors and assigns for any and all injuries and death suffered by me in said event. I attest and verify that I know that an athletic event can be a potentially hazardous activity. I acknowledge that participating in this event is inherently dangerous. I fully realize the dangers of participating in this event, and fully assume the risk associated with such participation, including but not limited to the following dangers: dehydration, hyperthermia, hypothermia, hyponatremia, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, and other event participants and fixed or moving objects, dangers arising from other surface hazards, equipment failure, inadequate safety equipment, weather conditions, animals, the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma and injury, including death. However, I have sufficiently trained for the completion of this event and know that I am participating at my own risk. I understand that there are more hazards than are enumerated here, and that there are unknown and unforeseeable hazards. I engage in the activity of this event with knowledge of the inherent risks of injury. I understand the risks involved in this event and I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily accept the terms of this waiver and release agreement. In addition, I agree to abide by the rules and conditions laid down for the event and to follow instructions issued by event officials. I understand that circumstances beyond the control of the event director may cause the event to be modified, postponed or relocated. I accept that the organizers reserve the right to refuse entry from persons considered to have insufficient experience or disqualify those who fail to follow the rules and conditions: ignorance is no excuse. I agree that my name, voice or picture may be used by Performance Multisports and race sponsors for promotional purposes. I affirm that the details written about me on this entry form are true. I agree it is my sole responsibility to be familiar with the course, the rules of the sanctioning body, and the special regulations of the event. I understand that there is an 8-hour time limit for completing this race, after which I will not expect the race organizers to remain at the finish area. I agree to notify the race organizers if I should decide to withdraw from this event prior to reaching the finish line. I have no physical or mental condition which, to my knowledge, would endanger myself or others if I participate in this event, or would interfere with my ability to participate in this event. I have read this waiver of liability and accept the risks and responsibility associated with entering this event. I further acknowledge that I may be required to sign an Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release from Liability (AWRL) during the registration process prior to starting the ride on the day of the event. I hereby grant permission for the free use of my name and picture in any broadcast brochure, website, or account of this event. I understand that by not pre-registering by the cut-off date listed online, I may not be able to get a souvenir T-shirt from this event. I have personally read this waiver of liability and accept the risks and responsibility associated with entering this event.

Signature ________________________________________ Parent__________________________________ Date _________

If participant is under 18 years of age, parent or Guardian must sign.

For more information, contact Performance Multisports at 904 / 373-8411

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Runners/Walkers of all ages and abilities are invited to participate in the first annual Right Whale Fest 5K Run & 2.5K Walk, hosted by Performance Multisports.  Participants are encouraged to support the Right Whale Festival.  

REGISTRATION/ENTRY FEES: $20 for pre-registration through November 6, $23 through November 13, and $25 from thereafter and through the day of the race. 
LOCATION & TIME: The race will begin and end on the Beach -- east of the Red Cross Lifesaving Station, where Beach Boulevard meets the ocean. Start is at 9:00AM on the beach -- Watch for the tall colorful banners at the Start/Finish.  A non-competitive 2.5K (1.55-mile) Fun Walk is being included for all age groups and abilities. Invite your family to come out and enjoy the fun on the beach.
LATE ENTRIES & RACE PACKET PICK-UP: Beginning an hour before race start, Race packet pick-up and Race-day registration at the main stage of the SeaWalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach on race day.
AWARDS will be presented at the SeaWalk Pavilion at about 11:00AM, for Overall Male and Female Winners, Masters Male and Female Winners, and for top three males and females in each 5-year age group.  Finisher prizes will be given to registered entrants. 

Volunteers are needed and encouraged to assist in the preparation, registration, and on race day.  Contact Jakson at Performance Multisports (904 / 373-8411) if you would like to assist with this event.

CONTACT US: JaksonRuns@gmail.com or by phone at 904 / 373-8411

Complete and mail the entry form above -- or Click Here for ONLINE REGISTRATION

The mission of the Right Whale Festival is to celebrate right whales and the beginning of right whale calving season.  The goal is to engage the community and heighten public awareness of both right whales and the importance of the area as the whales make their seasonal return to the waters off FL/GA coast -- the only known North Atlantic right whale calving grounds.  This one-day family festival will feature children’s activities, music, beach cleanup, a beach run, and other activities geared towards informing and inspiring the community about right whales, their habitat, and conservation needs. For more details about the Right Whale Festival, click here.  

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